1. thirteencuori:

    Carmel Candy

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  2. karysmacurves:

    Those who reject advice are those who need it the most.

    - Anonymous

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  4. karysmacurves:

    If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll gonna murder you in your sleep.
    Frank Zappa

  5. peacepax:

    Angel - denim bodysuit

  6. karysmacurves:

    The worse form of tyranny the world has ever known is the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts.
    Oscar Wilde

  7. karysmacurves:

    All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.
    Tennessee Williams

  8. karysmacurves:

    Consider: what could be more American than the principle that every person is to be held accountable for his or her crimes only? Could anything be more un-American than the Second Commandment’s warning that “I Yahweh, thy God, am a jealous god, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.”? Not even the Common Law would have hung a man because his grandfather had stolen a horse!
    Frank R Zindler

  9. xxx-warp:

    Like stevie used to sing:

    “Golden Lady, Go-o-lden lady, I’d like to go there……”

  10. xxx-warp:

    Ebony milf, ready to play your momma!

  11. theachinglybeautiful:

    Marisa Miller

  13. karysmacurves:

    The bastard! He doesn’t exist!
    Samuel Beckett

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    Khrysti Hill